Property Acquisition Planning

Are you ready to buy a property? How much can you afford? Answering the second question may not be so easy. Before you snap up that seemingly good bargain on a property, learn how to analyse what affordability means.

  • Are you burdened by your mortgage payments each month and affecting your cashflow?

  • Do you need a second opinion on finding the right investment property to meet your financial goals

  • Is property investment suitable for you?

Many people dream of owning their own place to call their home. At Alpine Advisory, we are here to advise how much a property value you can afford. There are investors out there that wish to buy properties for investment. Can you maintain your property in the long run? Can you manage your tenants and their needs? How long can you stomach the risk of vacancy in the event of no tenants occupying your unit? We can identify the risks and benefits and evaluate if property is a suitable investment vehicle for your financial goals and needs.

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