Estate Planning

Do you plan to leave behind a legacy to your family ?

Conventional Estate Planning

  • Do you have a will?

  • When was the last time you reviewed your assets and liability listings?

  • Have you identified an executor or guardian for your estate or children? 

  • Have you planned for business succession planning to inherit your business?

Islamic Estate Planning

  • What is Faraid?

  • Why do I need a wasiat?

  • How does Faraid impact my heirs?

  • Is hibah or harta sepencarian suitable for my needs?

Each family is unique, and no two families are alike as the dynamics are different. Therefore a cookie cutter solution to a family’s inheritance needs simply does not exist. A good planner, and a good advisor will be able to evaluate the needs and wants of the family and advise accordingly. Fun fact: sometimes it’s not the client who can be the most difficult individual in a planner’s dealings, but the extended family who does not have the facts or knowledge about the estate.

At Alpine Advisory, we advise clients to plan ahead for their legacy as nothing is more certain than death and we want to ensure that the families are equipped to handle the management of the family’s fortune as they pass on. This includes planning for your debts, surviving business partners, family’s livelihood and other obligations that may arise later in life.

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