Compliance Director


From a farm boy to a Licensed Financial Planner, Julian grew up in a farming family. As the son of a durian grower in Malacca, he had to assist his father with a long list of farming duties at a very young age. He soon realized the need to be financially independent when he left school. Without wasting time to experiment different options, he started his career in an insurance company. With over 14 years of experience in insurance and retail financial services industries, Julian has developed various skills in financial services. He used fact-finding method to help his clients to recognize their financial needs and goal and provided the best service possible to his clients.

As a young entrepreneur in sports equipment trading and wholesale, Julian has also developed strong understanding in risk management, interpersonal skills and marketing strategies when he took up the duty of international logistics management.

As an independent Financial Planner, Julian is determined to prioritise his clients’ needs. He believes that through the implementation of appropriate and comprehensive financial plan, he could guide individual, family or corporate in making budgetary, savings and investment decisions, and assist them to achieve their short- and long-term financial goals.

Julian is 2nd runner up for Malaysia Financial Planner Year Award 2019. He is passionate to develop on digital marketing and recruitment for new financial planners.