Gor Sheau Shuenn

Head of Financial Planning

Gor Sheau Shuenn

In 2010, after Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Finance, University of Queensland, Shuenn quickly started his career with Citibank but he could not find his passion in climbing the corporate ladder in the banking sector. Subsequently he moved on to a Startup company which is the first paint company successful of introduce textures paint into the market and evolve the idea of wall decoration in Malaysia.

Within 3 years of running of the startup company, he has learned many technical skills namely, company management, audit and review of company budgeting, accounting, and finances particularly cashflow. Also, he acquired the experience on how to foster and manage good relationships with key supplier and satisfy clients.

Shuenn fortuitously ventured into the financial planning industry stemmed from a family financial crisis. From there, he immediately discovered that this is the career path to pursue. Without any hesitation, he sat for CFP® examinations and learnt to define the Purpose of Wealth and meaning of Cashflow. This has assisted him to help his clients prepare for a Comprehensive Financial Plan, overcome their life obstacles and reached their desired financial destiny.

In 2019, Shuenn also achieved his career milestone by winning the prestigious Malaysia Financial Planner Year Award 2019 (MFPYA2019). This award is equivalent to the Oscar’s award in the Malaysian FInancial Planning industry that recognizes financial planners who are among the very best in their contributions to the profession.